RAG Exploration & Production

Classic reservoir engineering methods


Volumetrics combined with statistical methods (Monte Carlo simulation) allow rough estimates of the reservoir volume. Such calculations are carried out when production data are not yet available.

Material balance of a gas reservoir

Material Balance

As soon as initial production and pressure data of the reservoir are available, material balance calculations are used to determine more precisely the reservoir volume and the drive mechanisms in place (water drive, solution gas drive, and gas drive) and to set up production and field development scenarios for a reservoir.

Decline curve of an oil well

Decline Curve Analysis

Decline curves are used to make predictions about the well and field production. These curves are easy to generate since they require production data only.

Pressure transient analysis

Transient Pressure Analysis

Transient pressure analysis helps to identify individual reservoir parameters (such as rock permeability) and to gather information about the reservoir geometry. The analyses also indicate the production capacity of a well.